Suspect from wild police chase faces new charges

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- 55-year-old Timothy Trimble already faced charges of assaulting an officer and reckless driving to avoid arrest. Now investigators have added the charge of possession of methamphetamine with the intent to deliver.

Timothy Trimble (WOWT)

When the Nissan Maxima finally came to a sudden stop against the brick of Omaha Public School headquarters, the jolt threw Officer Tammy Philips.

She had been holding on to the steering wheel as the suspect tried to get away on Cuming Street going 15-to-20-miles per hour.

With the officer now on the ground after the collision with a building, the suspect tried to escape through the passenger side but the officer and her partner caught him and cuffed him.

The amended complaint now charges 55-year-old Timothy Trimble of Council Bluffs with having enough methamphetamine to be considered a dealer, and for also illegally possessing an anxiety medication.

As for Officer Philips, despite complaining of head and neck and back pain, she was back to work patrolling the northeast precinct the next day.

Timothy Trimble will be in court in mid-February. He remains at the Douglas county jail on a half-million-dollar bond.