Surprise medical bill revised for metro pre-med student

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 10:19 AM CDT
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A pre-med student from the metro thought he’d made the grade for getting financial help on an expensive medical bill. Then came the shock he’ll have to pay it after all.

Cameron Graber, a jaw surgery patient said, “Cut my lower jaw about right here, on both sides, the point of it was because I had a bad open bite.”

The Nebraska Medicine specialist who Cameron and his mom believe was the best to perform the surgery was out of network for Amy Graber’s health insurance policy. But son, Cameron got notice he qualified for 100 percent assistance to pay the more than $4,000 procedure.

“That will make it so he can focus on his studies this semester and not have to get a part-time job,” said Amy.

But then Amy got a call from Nebraska Medicine.

“That it was null and void because it was a mistake that we had even gotten it,” said Amy.

Amy says for weeks her attempts to get the medical bill assistance reinstated have been unsuccessful.

Not long after 6 News contacted Nebraska Medicine, Amy says she got a call that the bill of $4,000 will be reduced to zero.

“I cried because it’s been a very stressful time dealing with this,” said Amy.

Now Cameron can focus on his senior year at Iowa and then med-school, though he’s already had a lesson in being a doctor in and out of network for insurance.

A statement from Nebraska Medicine doesn’t give details about how this case has been handled. But it does say Nebraska Medicine has a team of 50 people who help patients work with insurance and financial assistance.

Nebraska medicine states, “We work toward the best outcome possible for every family.”