Students on high alert across Omaha in response to assaults near UNO

Omaha, Neb. (WOWT) Two assaults at one park, in one week, have young women across the city on alert.

Students at Creighton University received an email Thursday letting them know there is going going to be some increased security, in response to the two assaults this week at Elmwood Park, near UNO.

“It’s close to home,” Hope Bonar, a student at Creighton said. ”You hear things and you see things and you hear stories, but when it’s just right across the street, or just a couple of blocks that way away from us, it’s like right there and could happen anytime, so it’s a little scary.”

Both incidences happened in daylight. On Saturday there was a sexual assault; on Wednesday there was an attempted abduction.

“We have spoken with all the other colleges within the vicinity as well and we’re working very closely with them,” Cpt. Anna Colon of the Omaha Police Department said. “Our victim has not been able to identify who this suspect is.”

Police are still looking for suspects. Cpt. Colon cautions:

“Be cognizant of your surroundings. Take note to the people who may be around you and if you’re uncomfortable in an area you’re around -- you see someone who makes you uncomfortable - I would just suggest you get to a safe area as quickly as possible and always call 911 if you feel in fear.”

Bonar’s friend, Kiahana Scott said she’s always careful but is being extra cautious right now.

“I live all the way across campus, so wait for the shuttle,” Scott said. “Just because you feel safe doesn’t mean you’re safe even if there is campus police - anything can happen at any time.”

Another Creighton student, Josie Clough, said the incidences made her think twice.

“I think it makes people realize, wow this does happen and it can happen to anyone on this campus especially being in an inner city location life this. And I think it makes people double check and be on high alert more than usual,” she said.

Police have a general description of a possible suspect involved in Wednesday’s attempted abduction. They are looking for a heavy-set white man in his 30’s, in a white four-door car. Anyone who may have witnessed this attack is asked to call Crimestoppers.