StubHub issues refund to ticket holder trying to do a good deed

Courtesy: MGN
Courtesy: MGN
Published: May. 21, 2019 at 9:41 PM CDT
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Tickets to a recent sporting event got a Nebraska man into hot water with StubHub, the secondary ticket seller.

It cost him thousands of dollars for what he claimed was an undeserved penalty.

Instead of attending the NCAA basketball tournament this past March in Washington D.C., Adam Polacek sold his eight tickets through StubHub and returned home to Nebraska.

"StubHub is blaming me because they deem me as selling invalid tickets," he said.

When one buyer claimed to have lost two tickets, Polacek said StubHub requested he ask for a reprint, but that canceled all eight that he sold and StubHub had to find the other buyers different seats.

"Because I did a good deed for StubHub and a customer in need and it wasn't my fault through the lines of miscommunication that all the tickets were reprinted," Polacek said.

He said StubHub withdrew $6,000 automatically deposited in his account for the tickets, which included his cost and a legal profit.

After jumping through some hoops, Six On Your Side was able to get an explanation and a "thank you" from StubHub.

A statement from the company said, "StubHub has our customers' backs and in rare instances where something goes wrong, every transaction is 100 percent guaranteed. We are thankful to WOWT-TV and Adam for bringing the matter to our attention, and we have paid Mr. Polacek in full."

Polacek said his first venture into ticket reselling wasn't a great experience, and it was keeping detailed records that prevented him from taking a big loss.

He doesn't plan to resell tickets again.

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