Stranger brings a scare to a Bellevue neighborhood

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- Parents in Bellevue are on edge after some elementary school children said they were followed home by a stranger.

Daniela McKing said her kids did the right thing after a stranger in a car followed them while they were walking home from school and the same car showed up at her home hours later.

“My son called me panicking saying there's a guy outside knocking on the door and he won't go away,” McKing said.

When she got that call she rushed home to see if the kids were safe.

She said her 13-year-old son always makes sure the front door is locked but he knew something wasn't right when a man came knocking around 9 o'clock Tuesday night saying he was delivering mail.

The young teen said, “I felt really scared. I said to him, ‘can you just set it down on my porch, sir?’ He said ‘I can't hear you. Can you open the door and come outside?’”

That's when he told his two younger sisters to back away from the door. He says they peeked out the window and recognized the car from the park they were in after school.

McKing said, “The whole group of friends, they all felt uncomfortable by his presence. They said it was the same car, looked like the same car, same lights in the front.”

She said the man drove off in a dark blue car without leaving any mail.

Bellevue Police say they are aware of the incident and they are investigating.