Store employee saves customer from scam

Published: Feb. 16, 2018 at 2:10 PM CST
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There’s a scam we’ve warned you about over the years but the con artists are getting even more convincing. An Omaha woman would have been taken for thousands of dollars if not for an alert customer service manager.

A potential scam victim we won’t identify because she’s concerned how close a phony lawman came to scaring her out of five thousand dollars.

The caller imitating a sheriff’s deputy claims the woman missed jury duty and faces arrest unless she pays a stiff fine. Captain Steve Glandt of the Douglas County Sheriffs office said, "We are not going to call and tell you that you have to give us x amount of dollars to get out of a warrant."

After withdrawing $5,000 from her bank account, the scam target asked Bakers customer service manager Dave Dadura for help loading the money onto Money Pak cards.

He asked the victim why she needed to put cash on the cards.

Dadura said, ”For jury duty that she missed and it was a sheriff on the phone with her. I knew right there and then it was a scam.”

He convinced the victim not to put cash on Money Pak cards and provide the code number to the phony deputy.

The victim is grateful to the customer service manager for the Bakers supermarket at Saddle Creek and Leavenworth. She said,”He saved my bacon and he saved me $5,000 which I literally, literally had in my hand”

A company spokesperson says Bakers Supermarkets train customer service staff to look for scam indicators and warn customers what they might be getting into.