Stoplights installed at dangerous Platteview Road intersection

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) -- A sigh of relief for anyone who drives through a busy and congested intersection in Sarpy County. After a Six On Your Side investigation, the state has erected temporary stoplights.

Long considered dangerous, only luck and quick acceleration kept Highway 50 and Platteview Road, near Springfield, from becoming a deadly intersection.

“A lot of times, people take too big of a risk to try and cross that highway,” driver Robert Pratt said.

Driving through the intersection should be safer after the installation of temporary stoplights.

“I’ve not heard one tire squeal or anything today,” said Chad Cole, who runs Sarpy County Motors, located on the corner of the Highway 50 and Platteview Road.

“I had several customers in today saying how easy it was to get in here,” he said. “Didn’t have to sit or wait, so it’s been awesome.”

For the first time in memory, Highway 50 drivers may have to stop — and some approach going faster than 50. So, lighted signs warn of the stoplights ahead, with a second reminder posted as drivers get closer.

The lines on Platteview are still long, but at least those drivers know their time is coming.

And good timing isn’t just about the length of green and red; the Sarpy County Fair is gearing up to open Wednesday, bringing more traffic through the intersection now controlled by traffic signals — and watched by deputies.

“We’re going to have extra deputies in the area because of the fair and increased traffic and increased pressure on the roadways,” Sarpy County Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis Svoboda said. “So we plan to have more enforcement in the area and keep an eye on that intersection.”

Flood detours started a surge through the intersection, and the temporary signals will stay if traffic counts remain high. Flow on the first day of activation indicates the stoplights won’t go away.

As Six On Your Sside first reported, permanent traffic signals are on the drawing board. However, installation of those is about a year and a half down the road.

Platteview Stoplights