State tries to fill culvert after Northwest Omaha neighborhood complains

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 7:24 PM CDT
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For years an acreage neighborhood just northwest of Omaha has seen a destructive problem run right through their properties. They’ve pointed a finger to the state of Nebraska with no response.

When the sixteen families in Quail Ridge put together an album of memories, their photos of rampaging runoff are sure to be included.

brain McCoy, an acreage owner said, “it’s important because we’ve invested a lot of money out here building our homes and stuff and to have our land destroyed by something the state did.”

Acreage owners claim reconstruction of Highway-133 has caused more rain runoff to cut through their property. The state’s district engineer disagrees.

Tim Weander, the district engineer said, “We looked to see if anything we did was the problem and we say after our analysis 133 did not cause the problem.”

Weander says the drainage problem develops after the water leaves the public right of way. But this morning a state crew moved heavy concrete chunks to the mouth of a large culvert under Highway-133.

“Will slow those velocities down as it comes out of our pipe,” said Weander.

Though still convinced the highway causes their runoff issues, work on the culvert is a welcome sight.

Chris Stessman the HOA president said, “Be a tremendous help to the people downstream that are having all the problems with their driveways and water intruding their homes so we’re really ple3ased they’ve come out to help us.”

The erosion already left power and internet cables exposed. But after our call, American Broadband responded.

The cable has been covered and the state is taking action to reduce the force of runoff from the highway.

The district engineer says aerial photos over several years show a drainage issue before the acreages were built and its driveway culverts creating a river effect. The property owners dispute that but hope the state’s work today will solve their runoff problems.