State Patrol says 'just trying to get home' is no excuse for 102 mph

Motorist "just trying to get home" will need to stop at the bank.
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A metro motorist discovered who let the dogs out during a recent trip home. It was the Nebraska State Patrol.

NSP's Troop-A Dog Division, out of Omaha, handled the traffic stop. As noted in an NSP tweet, the driver, clocked at 102 miles-per-hour, told the trooper "they were just trying to get home."

That must be some house. But that kind of homecoming can put a serious dent in your holiday budget.

NSP did the math in the tweet in an effort to get the word out that 102 miles-per-hour is a bad idea. Even if the posted speed limit already spots you 65.

Here's a look at the traffic stop by the numbers:

  • Speed: 102 mph in a 65 mph zone
  • Speeding Fine: $300
  • Following Too Close: $50
  • Failure to Use Turn Signal: $25
  • Careless Driving: $100
  • Costs: $49
  • Total: $524

NSP noted in the tweet they, "hope that this encounter will encourage safer driving behaviors in the future."

So drive carefully. Those NSP K-9s are fast.

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