Star runner with asthma gets back on track

Published: Aug. 22, 2016 at 9:46 PM CDT
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His family never thought he would be able to run but now a 13-year-old boy who loves to run is back on track after dealing with his asthma.

The doctors at Children's Hospital have Marquis Toliver on a treatment plan that allows him to compete in track and field and the teen is making the best of it. Toliver is a track star and he has the medals to prove it, but he had to run a more difficult race to get to the medal podium.

“He was born in 2005 with RSV that's a repertory infection. He was hospitalized for seven days. He’s always had asthma problems,” said his mother Janeshia Davis.

While working out one day Toliver’s grandfather Joseph Cannon noticed that Toliver was not running as fast as normal.

“He come to me and said ‘papa I can’t breathe’ I said ‘somethings wrong’ cause he was running the 400 in a minute and he was running in a minute 12 seconds. So I knew there was something wrong,” said Joseph Cannon.

“He was running kind of slow and we knew how fast he could run and he wasn’t meeting that standard so we knew there was a problem,” said his grandmother Rosetta Cannon.

Family brought him to Children’s Hospital where he was treated for his asthma.

“When they prescribed this medicine and in 30 days he was doing his thing he came back to being himself. So they did a beautiful job. I’m so proud of what they did for him,” said Davis.

Toliver was back on track running and winning races.

“It’s hard when I run the 800 and the 400 and long distance and I like it,” said Toliver. "When I had asthma problems I hated to run, now I like running.”

Toliver returned to Children’s Hospital to show the doctor who helped him all of his medals and to say thanks.

“I was totally thrilled and actually overwhelmed because his grandfather and mother actually called to thank me and that was very nice,” said Dr. Luke Noronha.

Toliver hopes to run in the Olympics one day and he has plenty of support from his family.

“I say you go out and do your best as long as you do your best. That’s all that counts,” said Rosetta.

Marquis recently placed third if two events at the Junior Olympics in Texas.

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