Speeders, heavy trucks causing problems in Northwest Omaha neighborhood

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Before the snow hit some residents of a northwest Omaha neighborhood, law enforcement and city engineers are responding to some of their concerns.

Those who live near Eagle Run Drive like Donn Seidholz say traffic can cause double trouble.

Seidholz said, “Speed and the turnabout you can see people totally disregard this.”

First, the Douglas County Sheriff answered the speed concerns.

Deputy said, “That’s probably the biggest thing just be seen hear working.”

The six thousand drivers a day on the street are getting the message not to go much over the 25 mile an hour speed limit.

Deputy said, “That’s a good one,” Mike,” What you got?” Deputy, “38”

In less than an hour, four speeders are ticketed. But there’s another traffic issue on Eagle Run Drive that’s leaving its mark.
It’s easy to see why this is a replacement sign there’s as tire mark right up against it. It makes you wound why this one is still standing.

Heavy trucks are not allowed and the city sent a message to Grayhawk businesses through the property manager. Deliveries cannot be routed through Eagle Run Drive. That warning sent six months ago but there’s evidence some are ignoring it today.

Seidholz said, ”You see the tire tracks over here? That means there are semi-trucks going through there.”

Donn and others have suggested boulders but the city traffic engineer says rocks get knocked around.

Jeff Riesselman, City Traffic Engineer said, “Just becomes worse, it becomes more of a maintenance problem and I think the best way to try and prevent trucks from creating these ruts inside there is to try and get the businesses to utilize the truck routes they’re supposed to be utilizing.”

A map tells business owners that deliveries must stay out of the red on eagle run driver west of 144th.

The city and county working together to prevent crashes and damage that cost taxpayers in a roundabout way.

Eagle Run Drive is a city street but it borders a neighborhood that’s not been annexed. So neighbors contacted the Douglas County Sheriff for enforcement help. Omaha police also patrol it and the city sets the speed and weight limits.