Special investigator prepares for grand jury

 Special prosecutor Frederick Franklin speaks at City Hall on 6/10/20
Special prosecutor Frederick Franklin speaks at City Hall on 6/10/20 (WOWT)
Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 10:20 PM CDT
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Days after he was appointed as the special prosecutor in the James Scurlock case, attorney Frederick Franklin spoke publicly at City Hall.

He discussed his qualifications and expressed his confidence in the grand jury process.

"They will have to take an oath that says that they agree to discharge their duties based on the information they get in that grand jury room and in that grand jury room only," he said.

He hopes to have a grand jury enrolled by August, and in the meantime he's asking for more evidence and information from the public. He plans to set up a email and mailing address for people to send their tips straight to his office.

Steve Lefler is a long-time Omaha attorney and former law partner of Franklin's. He has no involvement in the Scurlock case, but he has been involved in other high-profile cases including grand juries.

Lefler says the Scurlock case is one like he's never seen before. He says it's critical that the system work as it's designed to.

“It’s crucially important that Mr. Franklin and his team be allowed to do their job, collect evidence and present it to the grand jury,” said Lefler.

He explained that unlike a regular jury, the grand jury meets in secrecy. Members have a more active role in the investigation with Franklin acting as the go-between man.

"If a grand juror says’ I want to interview this person,’ he’ll go out and interview them or bring them into court and have the grand jurors interview them.”

Franklin's other big responsibility is to explain the law to grand jurors so they fully understand it.

Both Franklin and Lefler say, even with the amount of attention surrounding the case, they're confident fair and impartial grand jurors will be seated.