Some residents receive rescue from helpful friends

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - Not all flood rescues were made by firefighters or law enforcement. In many cases, good friends answered the call for help.

Out near 228th and West Dodge Rd. the Starks family was trapped down a flooded road.

Brad Meck used his airboat to rescue his friends from the rising Elkhorn River.

"It's seeping through the floorboards and coming through the air ducts," a rescued Greg Starks said.

The Starks brought along belongings for a long wait before they can get back home. They also made sure to bring their pets.

The Alexander family also made sure to bring along their dog, Rowdy. The family rescued themselves with help from Waterloo firefighters.

"We were going to stick it out, but scared if it kept rising," Sara Alexander said.

Their home was completely surrounded by water.

"Basement was filling with water, but it's been here 120 years, so hopefully she still holds strong," Alexander said.

The waters rose fast through the morning, closing westbound West Dodge at the 228th St. exit and the eastbound lane wasn't far behind.

After boating from home, the Alexanders didn't want to be stranded at the top of the interchange, so Waterloo Rescue gave them a lift out from the flood covered river road.

"We just didn't think it was going to get this high," Alexander said.