Softball players take advantage of open facility while hoping to play games this spring

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LA VISTA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Officials at the Nebraska Quakes fastpitch softball facility are doing everything they can to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until Sunday, they still had teams practicing in the facility, but they made the move to restrict it to just personal workouts for the time being.

Founder and President Pat O'Donnell says the board of directors have communicated daily and realize things are changing quickly.

"We're really trying to follow the lead of local government as well as national government. It's uncharted territory for everyone," said O'Donnell.

The facility has been cleaned and posters with guidelines on how to prevent the spread of germs are hung all over the building.

O'Donnell says they want to keep things as normal as possible and let families make the decision on whether or not to come.

He added that a great benefit for their facility is that most of the time they have younger people in the building and generally don't have crowds of more than 50 people.

On Sunday, John Lynch and his daughter Olivia of Council Bluffs were at the facility working out.

"She wants to keep practicing and remain optimistic, then I support it," said Lynch.

He said Olivia, who plays for the Quakes, doesn't want to entertain the idea of not having a season this year.

They are taking advantage of the facility by going and working on her game as much as possible.

"It's great. We've got friends and colleagues from other organizations and they're shut down, and they're very envious of us that we could still come in on an individual basis and practice," said Lynch.

O'Donnell says they would close their doors if instructed to do so, but right now that's not in their plans.

The board will continue to hold conference calls and make decisions that they think are smart and safe for everyone.