Snow blankets the metro

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Snow moved through the metro overnight and into the morning hours, covering roads and slowing traffic.

Omaha saw two to four inches of snow. Areas to the south of the metro saw five to 10 inches, and as much as 12 inches was reported in areas around Cook.

Crews worked overnight to clear the roads. Main roads were starting to look clear as of 10 a.m., but they were still a little slick. Intersections seemed to be a little more of a hazard, and drivers should taken caution when stopping and making turns.

The Nebraska State Patrol reported lots of accidents on the interstate, including an accident where a vehicle ran into a trooper's car, sending him to the hospital.

Nebraska 511 showed that roads in the metro were partially covered with snow, but areas to the south were completely covered.

Flights from Eppley seemed to be taking off as normal, though there were delays in other parts of the country as the snow continued moving east.

Snow continued to fall in the metro into the morning, but is expected to clear into the afternoon.