Smelly corpse plant 'Amazing Stinko' preparing to bloom again

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Last in full bloom in May 2017, the corpse plant is preparing to stink up Lauritzen Gardens again soon.

Staff there are on "bloom alert" for the amorphophallus titanum, or titan arum — better known around these parts as "The Amazing Stinko" — to unfurl and emit its signature foul odor.

"Think rotting fruit, meat, and fish," the Lauritzen Gardens website states.

The large plant has only been able to bloom when carefully cultivated. Measuring 85 inches tall and 46 inches around as of Monday, the plant has grown about 4.5 inches in height since Saturday, according to the plant's official Twitter account.

The first of its kind to be on display for the public, the unique plant resides in the tropical house of the Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory at the gardens.

Lauritzen Garden members can view the plant for free; adult admission is $10 + tax, and children are $5 + tax.

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