Short-staffed metro companies have difficult time providing timely service

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Some metro employers have said they are having a hard time finding enough help to get the job done.

Some neighborhoods experienced waste pickup that was two days behind this week.

"Yeah it's Friday morning and everybody's trash is still sitting on the curb," Omaha resident Cory Christensen said.

His garbage should have been collected on Wednesday.

"It just sits down on the street. Better access for the raccoons as far as I'm concerned," Christensen said.

Waste Management officials said that picking up garbage is a tough job and they are looking for employees, even offering jobs with hiring bonuses and benefits.

The company responded to 6 News with a statement that read in part, "Despite our efforts to hire more drivers in helpers in preparation for yard waste collection, turnover is three times higher than our other regional hauling districts due to the physically demanding job that is required by the manual labor of collecting unlimited amounts of yard waste."

Joe Kozel owns Kozy Lawn Care. He said he is also having a hard time finding employees.

"When they call here we find out when they call they basically have not worked for a lawn service. They've done their own mowing, their own fertilizing and stuff, but they don't have a license to fertilize, they don't have any experience running the big, heavy equipment," Kozel said.

Right now, he is looking to hire a couple of workers. He said the employees he has now are good, but sometimes don't show up to work when scheduled.

"Just getting them here is the hard thing. This morning it rained. A lot of guys were supposed to be here by nine o'clock. They didn't show up and they think they're off for the day. It's so frustrating," Kozel said.

He said it's the same issue as the waste services, that when you don't have enough employees you fall behind.