Serial killer officially linked to decades-old Omaha murder

Published: Feb. 21, 2019 at 4:42 PM CST
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A serial killer connected to murders across the country has now been officially linked to an Omaha homicide from decades ago.

Sam Little is the suspect in the case and he has been sketching pictures of his victims for law enforcement investigators.

From Arkansas to Mississippi to Georgia to Maryland, one of the nation's most prolific serial killers has been drawing sketches, from memory, of some of the women he says he beat and strangled to death from 1970 to 2005.

Last year, Little, 78, who is serving three life sentences for killing three California women in the late 1980s, started talking. He told investigators the number of people he killed and in what state.

Texas Rangers say that so far, he's confessed to 90 murders.

One of those was the murder of a woman in South Omaha in 1973. Her name was Agatha White Buffalo. The body of the 34-year-old was found stuffed into a barrel at 27th and N. She had been strangled to death.

6 New archive film from November 16, 1973, captured the scene as the investigation began. Her murder is no longer a cold case. Omaha Police say it's officially classified as "exceptionally cleared."

That’s a term we don't often hear. Police use the phrase "exceptionally cleared" when they can check the boxes on four conditions:

  1. Detectives have enough evidence to arrest and prosecute someone
  2. They know who the suspect is
  3. Where the suspect is located.(In this case, Sam Little is in a Texas prison)
  4. Since the serial killer is already serving life sentences without the possibility of parole, arresting him for the murder of Agatha White Buffalo is outside OPD's control - making it "exceptionally cleared."

It took 46-years for this Omaha homicide to get out of the cold case file. It is just one of a number of case nationwide in which families might finally get at least one question answered: who did it?

Investigators say they are not aware of Sam Little sketching a picture of Agatha White Buffalo. We are told that detectives have been in contact with her family about the latest developments.