Senior Spotlight: Millard West's Katie Stoneburner

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 5:59 PM CDT
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Katie Stoneburner and the rest of the Millard West girls soccer team were hoping to repeat as state champions this spring.

They won't be getting that chance. Like everyone else, they aren't playing games at all.

“Soccer is everything to me. Just not being able to play is just horrible, but it could be a lot worse so you have to remember that,” Stoneburner said.

Stoneburner is a future Husker. She's looking forward to getting to Lincoln and playing.

Not having games to help keep her on top of her game right now couple with having nowhere she can practice is making things difficult.

“It’s getting harder and hard to find a field to practice on now that Millard West’s is closed and different places are closed," Stoneburner said. "So, each day it’s getting harder and hard but as long as you have an open field or like an open sidewalk and a ball, that’s all you really need to stay prepared.”

She's working out at home and practicing all the fundamentals she can in her back yard.

When she can get back on the field again, she'll be extremely happy.

“It will feel really, really good because we haven’t played a game since I think November for me. So, just like the next time we play a game, I won’t take it for granted,” Stoneburner said.

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