Senators continue filing bills as legislative session gets underway

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The legislative session got underway on Wednesday in Nebraska, and state senators continued to file bills on Friday.

It was the second day senators could introduce legislation, and over 200 bills have already been filed.

Two of the bills could lead to more traffic stops. LB39 and LB40 would allow police to pull a vehicle over if a driver or passenger are not wearing a seatbelt, or if the driver is texting.

Currently, those are secondary offenses, and some people are big fans of the potential change.

"Not to mention lately we have problems of people getting killed because they are texting. When you are putting other people's lives in danger, that's a big deal," Nebraska resident Robert Jowdy said.

Another item legislators are looking at is to change the age limit for using vaping products.

LB149 would raise the legal age to buy vaping products to 21. Right now, the purchase is allowed at 18. It would also make selling to a minor a misdemeanor.

"Raising the age to 21, we don't have a stance as a company, but I can see getting it out of the younger demographic's hand. But as a company, we always try and be in compliance with the Surgeon General, or State of Nebraska or federal level. Whatever we are asked to do," Kenny Allen with Generation V said.

LB 13 could change voting laws. It would allow counties to conduct election entirely by mail, rather than setting up polling places.

Currently, that's only allowed in Nebraska counties that have fewer than 10,000 residents. Those counties have reported increased voter turnout.

The last day of the legislative session is June 9.

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