Senator moves to sink state teeth into landlord registry issue

LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- With the Yale Park fiasco still steaming on the landscape one state senator says it’s taking too long for the City of Omaha to get laws in place to prevent a similar incident.

In September the city evacuated nearly 100 families from the apartment complex after finding thousands of code violations.

At that time the city said it would come up with a way to try to ensure it didn't happen again. But with nothing to show for it more than four months later, Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha is taking action.

Wayne said Thursday that if the city was going to get it done they would have it done by now. So, Thursday morning he introduced a bill that would force the city to start a landlord registry and have mandatory inspections of rental units once every three years."

He said, ”We have substantial support from other senators across the state - rural senators, urban senators - they all understand and feel that what happened at Yale Apartments was horrible and if we have building codes why aren't we enforcing them. And in order to enforce them we need to have regular inspections."

Some from the city are not convinced a landlord registry and mandatory inspections are the way to go and they are still exploring options.