Sen. Chuck Grassley offers impeachment statement

United States Senate
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DES MOINES, Iowa. (WOWT)-- The inquiry into impeachment is heating up in Washington and now a veteran Iowa Senator is stepping into the fray.

On Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released a statement saying, “the whistleblower appeared to have followed certain protection laws—and ought to be heard out…”

The statement comes as President Trump is ramping up his rhetoric, hammering the whistleblower for having only “second-hand information.”

Overnight the intelligence community’s inspector general issues a rare rebuttal, saying the whistleblower did have some first-hand knowledge, though not required to file a complaint.

A new poll released yesterday shows support for impeaching President Trump is up among both Republicans and Independents from earlier this year, and that overall about half of the country now supports the move.