Semi-truck accident sparks reoccurring concern over traffic near Florence

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 3:22 PM CDT
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Business owners in Florence are showing concern over the truck traffic in their community.

Earlier this week a crash involving a semi-truck on north 30th started the debate over what to do about all the truck traffic.

People who live and work in Florence have been complaining about truck traffic for years.

Jim McClurkin has worked in downtown Florence for 27 years. Jim says he watches about 300 big trucks roll by his barbershop every day.

“Some of them abide by the speed limit some just don’t they just roar down the street,” said McClurkin.

Jim says years ago there was talk about finding another route for all the truck traffic moving through the Florence area.

“I know there’s been talk about going down Mormon bridge road over here on the other side by the power plant they’ve been talking about moving it across the river over there to the first exit,” said McClurkin.

State officials say the part of 30th Street that runs through Florence is a state highway and officials say, the state highway system is made for truck traffic.

“You can designate a truck route but trucks can still be on that same route cause it’s a state highway so they really don’t have to take the alternate route they can still stay on the state highway,” said McClurkin.

Jim says he is still hoping something can be done to reduce truck traffic in the Florence community, but now all he can do is count the trucks as they roll by.

“Just like right now we just had five trucks go by in less than a minute, yeah there’s a lot of truck traffic,” said McClurkin.

Business owners in Florence say they have asked their legislative representative to help, reduce truck traffic in the area but so far there has been no change.