Scott Frost: 'Every position looks better than it did last year'

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost had an optimistic update on the team's progress Friday morning following the Huskers seventh practice of fall camp.

Huskers Football Head Coach Scott Frost talks to media following the team's seventh practice of fall camp on Friday, Aug. 9, 2019. (WOWT)

"I’m having a lot of fun coaching this team," he said. "This is a fun team to coach. There’s just a ton of things that got better."

Improvements across the board gives the coaching staff more players to turn to — even the younger players — in the event someone gets hurt, which Frost said makes a huge difference.

"There's a couple receivers in the backfield who can carry if others get hurt," Frost said.

He credited a lot of the improvements to his coaching staff for prepping the Huskers with a lot more depth in key positions this year.

"Receivers is another place I feel like we're 'night-and-day' better," he said.

Having more guys able to get open means "a lot more weapons for the quarterbacks," he said.

Frost said he's also counting on his defense to step up this year.

"We talked to our defense about getting us the ball back," he said. Some of the stats might be the same as last year, Frost said, "but they're gonna play more plays."

He said he's hoping to see more improvements on "3-and-outs" in coming weeks.

"They make a big difference," he said.

Noting that the team is faster this year, Frost said he is emphasizing injury prevention, particularly when younger players go up against some of their veteran teammates.

"We've had to have talks two nights in a row about slowing them down," he said.

Stand-out players

Coach Frost mentioned a few players who have stuck out to him so far during fall camp practices.

ALEX DAVIS: We've heard outside linebacker Alex Davis's name come up quite a bit this fall camp. The senior recorded five tackles last season, but Frost expects to see a big improvement this year. He said Davis was overthinking situations last season and says he's cut loose this year.

Davis played basketball his whole life before he switched over to football his senior season in high school. Frost thinks he just needed to feel comfortable in the position and is excited to see what he is going to do on the field this season.

MAURICE WASHINGTON & WAN'DALE ROBINSON: The running backs and wide receivers continue to impress at practice as well. Nebraska has a lot of depth at wide receiver, Frost says they have more trust in these players that they are going to get open.

Versatility with the running backs and wide-outs will help the team scheme better. Running back Maurice Washington, and wide receiver Wan'dale Robinson have the ability to play both positions in case of injury.


The Huskers are set to play their season opener at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, against South Alabama at Memorial Stadium.