School continues for students in Boys Town

House Bill 206 allocated an additional $30.5 million to counties in the form of block grants so...
House Bill 206 allocated an additional $30.5 million to counties in the form of block grants so schools could hire new personnel, train existing staff, invest in programs and contract for outside services.<br />(WSAZ)
Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 3:53 PM CDT
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Schools throughout the metro are closed because of the COVID-19 threat, for most students that means no more classroom learning with a teacher present, but for one metro area school, it is a little different. The classroom with a teacher still exists.

School is closed but classes here at Boys Town are still in session.

All the students here live in one house. As a safety precaution, the teacher comes to the students. This is an example of Boys Town’s alternate learning program. Teachers are assigned to one house so students have the same teacher for all of their classes.

Shelly Bernard is a senior and has plans to attend college, even though this setting is different she’s happy to be in class.

“It’s a great way to make sure we’re not falling behind on our credits and making sure our grades are still up,” said Bernard.

Kedra Prescott is the teacher for this group of students, Ms. Prescott says the setting is like a classroom because the students can get immediate feedback.

“To be able to come every day have time to interact with the students see them spend time with them and be able to answer questions,” said Prescott.

The groups are really small, so the students do receive a lot of individual attention, Josh Reed is the mayor of Boys Town, and he says there are some things he misses about the regular classroom setting.

“We don’t get to see our friends a lot but it’s definitely better than what most people have. I know some kids just aren’t in school,” said Reed.

Not only do the teachers come to the students, but lunch is also delivered, it’s a different kind of school day, but it’s about as normal as a school day gets in this time of crisis.

School is in session at individual homes Monday through Thursday and yes they get some time to get out for physical education.