School bus driver said he was fired after hit & run

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 8:33 AM CDT
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A school bus driver has been fired after

. That news comes from the driver himself.

After a school bus clipped a parked car and drove away a witness confronted the driver at the next stop.

The witness said, “I told him he hit the car parked on the side of the road at his previous stop. I told him that twice and he left.”

The 45 year old school bus driver says “I don’t believe I hit the car and I feel I shouldn’t have been terminated.” We won’t name him since his not been cited for hit and run.

Six On Your Side ran a background check on the former STA school bus driver involved in the hit and run crash and there are startling findings in his traffic and criminal history.

38 criminal entries and six traffic infractions from 1995-2015.

One Source Background check company owner Nick Jasa said, “I will agree the bulk of it occurred in the past, 95-2007 but then you get to 2009 and 2015 stuff and there’s plenty of stuff in there I would rate as problematic for driving with school children.”

One Source does background checks but not for Student Transportation of America. For Six On Your Side he found the former STA school bus driver had convictions for illegal drugs and receiving stolen property convictions in the mid-90s with prison time. Assault and domestic violence in the early 2000s and in 2007 he had a serious traffic charge. Nick Jasa said, “He had a operate motor vehicle to avoid arrest so he fled the police and he was driving under suspension at the time.”

The fired driver says "I know i had a bad background but that shouldn’t stop me from getting a second chance. I believe I’m a good school bus driver." His record since 2015 is clean. No ticket has been issued since deputies can’t prove he knew the bus clipped the car which belongs to Kayla Zatloukal. She’s surprised by the bus driver’s record.

Kayla Zatloukal said, “I feel like if you are in charge of kids on a bus then you should be better checked out.”

On the job two months the fired driver says he must have passed his background check with Student Transportation of America because they entrusted him with a school bus full of kids.

We emailed Student Transportation of America about this driver’s background check and so far no reply.

The Omaha Public School District confirms the driver involved in the hit and run no longer provides transportation for OPS. As for his record uncovered by Six on Your Side the Omaha Public School District sent a statement.

“Student Transportation of America conducts background checks on its employees and makes independent hiring decisions. OPS will engage STA about its procedures. We strive to ensure students have a safe and positive experience traveling to and from school.”