Scam artist targets couple who used stimulus check for motorcycle

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 7:25 PM CDT
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Many people who still have jobs are using their government checks to help stimulate the economy. One heartland couple thought they were doing their part with an online purchase.

During long walks, this couple has been talking about taking rides.

“It’s a Honda Goldwing trike,” said the scam victim.

The cost plus insurance was $4,500 paid with eBay cards.

“I honestly had a voice in the back of my head don’t do it this is not right. But I also had the little voice saying this is your one chance at something you’ll enjoy,” said the victim.

He listened to the wrong one and got scammed that’s why the couple asked not to be identified.

The couple paid for eBay cards with their income tax return.

“I thought it would help stimulate the economy again like we’re supposed to,” said the victim.

The trike supposedly shipped from Mississippi but never arrived.

“I feel sad because that was all of our money we were saving for and now we have no money and we have no trike,” said the victim’s wife.

We got the suspected scammer on the phone.

When we asked what happened to the trike, the scammer answered, “Our driver got into an accident, a very bad accident and the trike was wrecked.”

But if the couple pays $4,000 more they’re promised a $40,000 insurance payout.

The scammer said, “And if you pay you get your 40,000 please, please make the payment.”

6 News reporter Mike McKnight said, “My name is Mike McKnight and I’m a television reporter and I’m exposing your scam.”

The scammer replied, “Its ok sir but I’m not a scam and you choose to lose your money.”

Scammed already on the phony motorcycle purchase the couple won’t let any more of their money ride off into the sunset.

The eBay cards have a code number on the back and once victims give that to scammers the cash value can be withdrawn anywhere. eBay hasn’t replied to our email.