Sarpy County moves forward with sewage system

SARPY COUNTY. Neb, (WOWT) - Large rural areas of Sarpy County has a lot of growth coming its way, but it's lacking one major service.

"The lack of a sewer system has been an impediment up to this point so it will be a really big boon to the county," Sarpy Communication s manager Megan Stubenhofer-Barrett said.

The five mayors who service in the county had to find a way to get construction going.

Wednesday the Sarpy County Waste Water Agency approved the use of fees that OPPD pays to the city and county to fund the project.

"Ultimately it will be paid for by users fees and connection fees but obviously you have to have a system to connect into before you can charge those users and connection fees so this will be a sort of seed money," Stubenhofer-Barrett said.

The agency also authorized a soft market test. In other words, they are going to ask private partners about their interest in building and running the sewer system.

This public-private partnership is an unusual way for a system like this to be run.

"More governments are looking to, to kind of leverage private risk with what would essentially be a public risk. So we feel like this is a really unique way, it's a really efficient way to get the system built," Stubenhofer-Barrett said.

An expanded sewer system means more opportunities to build what the county expects to be thousands of more homes in the developing area.