Santa brings joy to children in the hospital

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Santa made a stop at the Nebraska Medical Center on Saturday to bring some holiday cheer to children and their families.

The event was put on by the Douglas County Sheriff Foundation.

Organizers said the event was just another way they could protect and serve as law enforcement.

"The most vulnerable among us, that is who we are here for. That is what it means to protect and serve is to give back to the most vulnerable in our society, and that's what we feel like we're doing with this and we're very glad to do it," Fraternal Order of Police Lodge President Jason Mass said.

The Palmer family is in Omaha from Alabama. They have been living out of a hotel while their son Slater recover from a small bowel, live and pancreas transplant.

"It has been extremely difficult. All of our family, everybody we know is all back home," Samantha Palmer said.

Santa's visit brought a big smile to Slater's face and made the season a little brighter for mom and dad.

"He goes through so much in our life, so the fact that the hospital can put this together with the sheriff's office and bring Santa in, it has brought a lot of joy to Slater, which brings a lot of joy to us," Palmer said.

The kids took turns sitting on Santa's lap, and the families all received gift cards from the sheriffs.

Santa also made rounds to some patient room for those who couldn't make the trip down to the lobby.