Rockers teach students about financial literacy

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Teachers are always looking for new ways to get information to stick in young minds. For 481 Westside 7th graders walking into an auditorium – this would be one of those times.

This isn't your father's assembly. Rock concerts have a way of getting the attention of middle schoolers. But between the rhythm and the melody, the musicians came with a message.

It wasn't about staying in school or the dangers of drugs – while those are both fine points to make – this concert focuses on credit scores, credit cards and compounding interest.

"I'm not a teacher in a classroom talking about financial literacy, I'm a lead singer in a rock band traveling the country talking about it,” said Carter Hulsey.

Hulsey learned about budgets the hard way – while touring. Life on the road has a way of quickly introducing financial hardships.

Carter Hulsey: "All through school I was taught math and science and geography, but this, I wasn't taught."

Westside students are required to take a personal finance class – in fact – one instructor told 6 News they just finished a unit on credit and debit cards. Maybe it's why the students came with questions.

7th Grader: "What are other ways to make your credit score higher?"

7th Grader: "Let's say you spend over your budget, will that hurt your credit score?"

Parents often try to get children to recognize the important differences between wants and needs – savings and instant gratification. It doesn't hurt to have some rockers helping spread the word.