Road hole cover causes $1,300 in vehicle damage

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Metropolitan Utilities Division put a roadblock sign over a hole in the road at 60th and Corby streets in Benson on Monday, but not before it cost one woman more than $1,000 in vehicle damage.

Scott Black and Sarah Johson told 6 News a thin plywood board was covering a hole there that went several feet down.

“Flipped up and shoved the mud flap into the wheel and ripped off my bumper of the Subaru,” Johnson said. “We drove it for a little bit and the bumper had almost come completely off."

Ongoing construction in the Benson neighborhood has slowed traffic in late summer, but a concrete crater decommissioned tire travel for a couple neighbors.

"Ugh, it's so frustrating,” Johnson said.

Johnson was driving her Subaru with fiancée Scott Blake in the passenger seat, when a thud at the intersection stopped them in their tracks.

"This morning it was just perfectly placed in a corner... and the circle... and it just wedged right up,” Blake said.

The couple said, a thin plywood board hiding a hole several feet deep, flipped up and dug into the bumper of their vehicle.

"We drove it for a little bit and the bumper had almost come completely off,” said Blake.

An estimate for repair left them $1,341 in the hole — a cost the couple said MUD had better cover.

"It was extremely deep and the fact that they were relying on probably a half-inch piece of plywood to cover up that hole is laughable,” said Johnson.

A spokesperson for MUD told 6 News the District’s road crews covered the hole with plywood and a traffic cone, but that someone must've moved the cone over the weekend.

"In my opinion, there's no confusion about who's at fault,” Johnson said.

A driver in South Omaha also had a disastrous run-in with a hole cover. She told 6 News a steel slab covering a hole near 33rd and Q streets severely damaged her vehicle as she drove over it.

That road project is contracted by MP NexLevel, a construction company based in Minnesota.

MUD told 6 News they're reviewing the incident in Benson, and others like it, to ensure the holes are covered the safest way possible for drivers.