Rising water creates detours, cuts off communities

WATERLOO, Neb. (WOWT) - More and more detours sprung up in front of drivers Friday as flooding continued to move into the area around the Elkhorn and Platte rivers.

All but one route to Waterloo was cut off with the closure of West Dodge Rd. in the afternoon. The only route left involved going all the way south to Q St. before heading back north to town.

The main road between Elkhorn and Fremont looked more like a river, cutting off Fremont from other areas in the region as well.

"I can't get in, cannot get in," Bill Moore said.

He lives in Waterloo and said he left work early to see if he could get back but was stopped by the rising water.

"We tried to go the back way off 275, then it was open, now, nope, not open," Moore explained.

Authorities said the rising Elkhorn created a dangerous situation as it continued flooding busy highways.

"Things are moving and changing at a rapid pace and we need you all to pay attention," one emergency responder said.

Emergency crews detoured drivers at 204th St. and kept people back from westbound Dodge St. as both lanes became impassable in just a few hours.

"We need the onlookers to not go," Paul Johnson with Douglas County Emergency Management said at a press conference.

Drivers trying to see damage were distracting first responders from doing their jobs and added to the traffic jams.

One major traffic backup happened on Center St. when people tried to take West Dodge Rd. Hundreds of drivers had to turn around.