Retro drive-in planned for 2019

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 11:48 AM CST
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The Quasar Drive-In has been five years in the making, and in 2019, it will finally bring the nostalgia back into Douglas County.

The Douglas County board unanimously approved the owners' plans to provide a 60s themed drive-in movie experience near 300th Street and Pawnee Road, known as Highway 36.

“It’s been nearly a year since we bought the land, and we’ve been going through this process since the week after we closed. It’s exciting to be able to move forward now," Jeff Karls said.

The owners, Jeff and Jennifer Karls, hope to have the drive-in open for Memorial Day 2019. Their plans are for the drive-in to be seasonal, showing movies from Memorial Day until Labor Day every year.

"There is a lot of family events, but still there is always that can be had in the area," Jennifer Karls said.

Some local businesses in nearby Valley are excited for the new theater, saying it will add to the economic growth of their town.

We in these small towns – Valley, Elkhorn, Bennington – have worked so hard to be eclectic. We want to be able to draw people out with something different that they have a reason to leave Omaha and come out and see what all we have out here," Brew Coffee House & Tasting Room owner Teresa Megstrik said.

Jeff and Jennifer said the plot of land is perfect because they wanted "country dark, country quiet."

However, the desire for "country dark, country quiet" came with a bit of opposition. Keith Hoffman spoke out against the theater at the board meeting.

"It doesn't fit. This is an ag community," Hoffman told the board.

Hoffman was also concerned about traffic during harvest time, which the Karls said won't be an issue. The board will launch a traffic study once the drive-in is built.