Retiree notices red flags from moving company

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 8:56 AM CDT
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A Nebraska retiree decides to live her golden years in a warmer place, but when the movers arrived several red flags jumped up and so did the prices.

The last box among many and Dixie Blalock thought hiring a reputable California company online was a good move until the crew arrived.

“They showed up with a truck that was almost half the size of what we needed and then they said well we can get you a bigger truck but it’s going to be another $6,000,” said Blalock.

Dixie and her daughter paid Continental Movers of Beverly Hills $2,700 down, but Ocean Movers from Florida showed up.

“If we knew Ocean Moving and Storage was going to move us, we would have stopped immediately,” said Dixie’s daughter.

Ocean Movers has close to a failing grade with the Better Business Bureau with an alert that the Florida attorney general accused the company of deceptive marketing, targeting senior citizens.

The retiree and her daughter moving to Nevada never expected to roll the dice on the cost of individually packing her belongings that could be considered breakable.

Dixie and her daughter didn’t learn until 48 hours before moving that the A-rated company they paid contracted their move to a D-mover.

Jim Hegarty with the BBB said, “Yeah make sure that you’re clear, do you broker this work out and are we able to check out who it is you are brokering the work to.”

All their furniture and family keepsakes are now on the move with a Nebraska based company that came to the rescue.

“We hope for better results when we get to where we’re going,” said Blalock.

The California company they originally hired has been notified that when it comes to a refund Dixie and her daughter aren’t packing it in.

Ocean Moving and Storage in Miami told 6 News they are working to resolve issues raised by the Florida attorney general and they left Nebraska without taking any money. Continental Moving of California, which did get a down-payment says it’s handling the complaint through the Better Business Bureau and working on a solution for the customer.