Restaurant Report Card: Cicis Pizza hit with 13 violations

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) In our latest Restaurant Report Card, we looked at inspection reports from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department of four Lincoln restaurants.


The first was Cicis Pizza, located at 5100 N. 27th St.

The restaurant was inspected February 28 by the health department's Environmental Health Division.

During the visit, inspectors discovered 13 health violations, four of which were priority status. The restaurant's salad bar was a source of violations with temperatures recorded as too warm, with items left on the salad bar for several hours. Baking pans and an oven contained burnt food residue, according to the report.

It's unclear if the inspection was prompted by a recent video posted to Facebook showing the inside of the restaurant in disarray, with an unkempt salad bar and tables littered with used dinnerware. A request to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department asking if the video led to the inspection went unanswered.

Brad Faller, the franchise owner, released the following statement to 1011NOW: “Quality and cleanliness are among our top priorities at Cicis. We apologize for the disarray experienced by the guest at our Lincoln location, and have taken significant steps to address and correct the issue. We have passed our health inspection with an above average score and are committed to providing a clean, pleasant environment for our guests to enjoy.”

Other inspected restaurants include Single Barrel and Engine House Cafe.


An inspection report states that Single Barrel, 130 N. 10th St., was hit with 11 health-related violations during an inspection March 7.

During the visit, three priority violations were identified, including a dishwasher machine that wasn't correctly sanitized and improper temperatures being recorded on a cooler rail. The report also reveals that shell eggs were stored over fresh fruit No soap, nor disposable towels were found at a hand washing sink, according to the inspection report.

Brandon Harpster, executive chef of the chophouse, responded to a request for comment which stated: "We take food safety very seriously. One of the critical violations was a misunderstanding of the product and all other critical and non critical violations have been addressed and corrected. We pride ourselves on offering wholesome safe products to all of our guests."


Engine House Cafe recorded three priority violations with nine total during a February 28 inspection of the restaurant.

Among the violations include shell eggs stored over dressings in the cooler and held at room temperatures over the grill without time labels. Thermometers on the same rack also showed different readings, according to the report.

Other violations include the dish machine sanitizer pump turned off at the beginning of the inspection and no person in charge held a valid Food Protection Manager permit.

The restaurant did not respond to a request seeking comment.


Our final inspection was of the Papa John's Pizza location at 5400 S 56 St. on March 4.

Two priority and eight total violations were discovered by health inspectors, which included an employee handling a cell phone before prepping pizza without washing their hands. Several store employees also lacked proper food permits, according to the report. A residue was also found on a tomato chopper, knives and a can opener.

A statement from Cornhusker PJ, which owns the franchise location released a statement that read: "We take Health Inspections very seriously, and work closely with the Health Department. Unfortunately we dropped the ball this time, and did not submit the required written response to the Health Department that these issues were corrected. All food handler permits are up-to-date, and roster is posted. All other violations were corrected at the time of inspection, or shortly after."