Residents worry Canyon Road conditions could keep emergency crews out

PONCA HILLS, Neb. (WOWT) -- Several homeowners just north of Omaha fear poor road conditions in their neighborhood could cut them off — or worse, that emergency crews couldn’t get in if needed.

Driving was tough enough, but even walking Canyon Road today took a leap of faith.

“There’s no way an ambulance or fire truck could get through this right now,” said Sara Landau, who owns a home on Canyon Road. “That’s what I’m mostly worried about: safety.”

The unimproved road is the only way in and out for residents of 20 homes. Living in Ponca Hills, they don’t expect to be cut off by flooding, but rain and snowmelt flow at both ends of the road.

“The road needs to be graveled,” said Jim Dahlin, who also owns a home in that area. “It doesn’t have enough base it just turns into mud.”

Canyon Road is actually a city street taken over years ago as a route to Hummel Park.

A few hours after 6 On Your Side emailed Mayor Jean Stothert’s office, she ordered Public Works to dispatch trucks out here and make Canyon Road passable again.”

First a resident who tried to drive around the fill pile need his car pulled out.

“I figured I was past the point of no return, and tried to gun it out,” he said. “It didn’t really work out, obviously.”

And that shows the depth of the problem.

“I think it’s just a Band-Aid,” Canyon Road resident Judy Tyler said. “But hopefully, they’ll continue to do something. I know with it being so muddy right now they can’t do a lot.”

Homeowners along Canyon Road don’t like to sling mud at City Hall, but they say a bed of aggragate with a rocky top is the only way to maintain their access moving forward.

The mayor’s office said Stothert directed Public Works to evaluate the road and find a solution to make it accessible and safe.