Residents evacuate along Platte River

Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 11:29 AM CDT
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Communities near and along the Platte River were on edge early Thursday morning. People there were prepared to head to higher ground at a moment's notice.

Just across the river from Yutan, neighbors were woken up to a loud knock on the door before daylight.

"They said it was now or never, so I went with them," GK Gammon said. "I waded through about 30 inches of water, climbed on the fire truck and waited for my neighbors here to evacuate."

Gammon decided not to take any chances when help showed up at his doorstep. He, along with others in nearby cabins, braved the icy waters to get to safety.

"When I went to bed, my truck was on dry ground," Gammon said. "When I was awoken this morning, it was about halfway up the wheel of the four wheel drive truck."

Further north near Inglewood, people grabbed their pets and whatever else they needed before leaving their homes. First responders kept a close watch on the area. Sand was piled up as nearby roads were closed.

As the sun rose, a clearer picture formed of the rushing water on the Platte. People who own property nearby said they were not used to see something like that.

"[Neighbors] said they've never seen in this bad in 30 [years]," Brad League said. "It was pretty catastrophic."