FAA to investigate small plane's hard landing in Millard ball field

Published: Jan. 24, 2018 at 2:24 PM CST
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FAA inspectors are investigating what caused a small plane to hard land in a Millard ball field Wednesday afternoon.

Officials got word of the hard landing at Anderson ball field near 137th and Millard Avenue around 2:20 p.m.

6 News has learned the single-engine plane is owned by Oracle Aviation. An Oracle spokesperson told 6 News a student pilot and his flight instructor were inside the plane. They were returning to Millard Airport from a 2 to 3 hour cross country training flight. Both the instructor and his student were unharmed and walked away from the landing.

Jim Bolamperti was working in the area when the low-flying plane caught his attention. He told 6 News: “I look up and he’s just barely clearing those treetops. And it sounded like he was clipping some of them. And then I heard some other loud noises which might have been him hitting that wire, there. I ran over here and sure enough there he is – right up there against the fence."

The circumstances of the incident remain under investigation by the F.A.A.

The F.A.A. is also investigating an incident last Saturday in which engine trouble forced a small plane, also owned by Oracle Aviation, to land in a field near 144th and Giles Road. A flight instructor and student were also involved in Saturday's incident. They were both unharmed.