Rep. Steve King meets constituents at town hall after controversial comments

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Congressman Steve King is talking with Iowa voters this weekend after his controversial comments on rape and incest made national headlines.

Iowa Rep. Steve King at town hall - CNN

A lot of the voters had tough questions for the congressman in one of the first town halls since his comments.

Since January, Congressman King has been making his way around each county in the 4th Congressional District, holding town halls. The hot topics such as immigration, gun control and even his recent comments about rape and incest.

Ashley Wolftornabane asked him, "I've seen that you defended it by saying that no one can argue with the factual bases that race and incest have contributed a lot to humanity. Do you still stand by that?"

King said, “The factual and thought-provoking statements sometimes are more than people can handle. I'm defending innocent unborn human life. Here's my message: I'm the author of the heartbeat bill at the national level and also at the state level. I did not let there be exceptions for rape and incest in that bill because those babies that are born as a product of those actives are as precious as you are or any of my grandchildren are."

Several of the questions asked by the audience involved immigration.

Jose Ibarra said, "I have a laundry list of your quotes that are offensive or demeaning to immigrants. So my question to you is, how are you planning on making your image better in front of immigrants?"

King said, “I'm one of the people that says let’s not discriminate against people and lets not discriminate in favor of them either. I get called a lot of names because I stand ground on principal. I think you're reading some of this in Spanish because the watermelon quote is something I've never made."

Another topic that surfaced was about the proposed red flag laws, where a gun owner could have their guns taken away if someone deems them a threat to themselves or others without due process.

King said, “There needs to be at a minimum a constitutional due process."

Congressman King is once again facing a challenge from Democrat J.D. Scholten for his seat in the house. King kept his seat in the last election by just 3% of the district vote.

The clash with constituents wasn't the representative's first. King has had several tense exchanges since he was first elected to the house in 2003.

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