Rental scam alert after one victim taken

Published: Sep. 14, 2016 at 9:22 PM CDT
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A career transition brought a Kansas City man to Omaha but a con man on a computer thousands of miles away has made for an expensive move.

A new job drew Ben White-Newby to Omaha and an online rental ad full of pictures lured him to a southwest Omaha apartment building.

"I really wanted to have this apartment because it was so centrally located to what I needed to get to work and church," said White-Newby.

An apartment being sublet by a man name Kenneth claiming to be away inspecting an oil rig. Ben just needed to pay a $500 deposit by putting money on iTunes cards, then giving the new landlord the access numbers to claim the cash anywhere.

Ben figured his new landlord would be walking up anytime and he'd know who to look for. That's because the man renting the apartment sent a picture of a passport but that man never showed up and the passport appears to trip up scam victims.

Ben White-Newby said, "At first I was angry but more hurt than anything else because I used my hard earned money to move up here to Omaha for a job, and finally able to meet my goal of moving into an apartment, so I was really disappointed."

Six On Your Side sent the rental pitch to the real management company in Minnesota which is looking into the online posting. Six On Your Side sent that picture of the passport to the Department of Homeland Security for further investigation.