Remnants of 1986 balloon launch find their way home to La Vista

Published: Oct. 6, 2019 at 3:06 PM CDT
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The folks at La Vista Middle School have a bit of a head-scratcher on their hands.

It came to light in a couple of social media posts Friday about an event that had its roots way, way back before social media existed.

But now that it does, the La Vista folks are sharing this update on a balloon launch they had back in 1986 to celebrate the school's tenth anniversary. The balloons had notes attached specifying where they came from along with the exhortation, "If you find this let us know!"

Well, someone has let them know. The school's social post states, "Look what arrived in the mail yesterday."

What arrived in the mail were the remnants of the balloon launch more than three decades ago and a handwritten note explaining they had been found on a farm.

The handwriting leaves a little to your interpretation (we weren't privy to a return address on the mailing) but we're guessing that says Norborne, Missouri - which is somewhat to the north and somewhat more to the east of Kansas City.

There's no telling where it's been all these years but this is a little like any other epic journey - your ultimate destination is home.

‪In 1986, balloons and notes were released to celebrate ten years of LVMS. Look what arrived in the mail yesterday. How did the note and balloon survive so long in the field with all the elements? So cool!‬

Posted by La Vista Middle School on Friday, October 4, 2019