Record warm November speeds construction, stalls ice rink opening

Published: Nov. 27, 2017 at 3:38 PM CST
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Right now the temperatures don't match up with the calendar. The warm weather has many people outside taking advantage.

It's unusual, but everywhere you look, construction workers are outside and hard at work in November. The streak of warm weather has given them extra time to complete their projects.

Todd Pfitzer with Omaha Public Works knows this opportunity is precious

"We've really been fortunate this year with the weather we've been having allowing the contractors to still be out there really being able to work under normal conditions. We've had a few cold days where we had to get out some blankets for some of our concrete pours and things like that to maintain our minimum temperatures but a day like today they work like it's July."

Besides affecting how work gets done, it also affects how people play.

Deb Fisher is enjoying the weather by playing outside with her granddaughter.

"She's 19 months and just big enough to come to a park like this and you never know how many days you're going to have left. It's still a little chilly this morning but we decided to come out and run a give it a try. It doesn't happen very often in December or almost December."

You can forget about going ice skating at UNMC's public ice rink though. Tom O'Connor says they can't ensure the ice is safe.

"It's too warm for us right now to open the rink and let skaters skate safely. We are going to play it by ear and notify the public when it's safe enough, when we think the ice is good enough to skate safely and not have to worry about it.

With the way the temperatures are running, it could be a while before we get that notice to get back on the ice.