Realize your dreams of becoming a business owner

Close up pen on paperwork and woman hand calculate finance.

Sponsored - The benefits of owning a business are many – being your own boss, controlling your future, creating your own flexible hours, taking risks but reaping the rewards and feeling a sense of pride in building something of your own.

Many small business owners use financing to make their dream of ownership become a reality. While it’s crucial to perform market research and competitive analysis, create a business structure and find a prime location, your business will not get off the ground without financing.

In order to apply for a business/commercial loan, you must have:

- Business plan – a roadmap for your business from ideation to implementation and day-to-day operations
- Business loan application – provided by the lender
- Personal financial statement – information about total assets and liabilities

Small businesses, companies that employ fewer than 500 employees, make up 99.1 percent of all Nebraska businesses. Centris is particularly focused on helping their members realize their ownership dreams. As a community-based credit union, we provide local decision making and underwriting, personalized service, competitive rates and knowledgeable lenders. We are a nationally recognized lender with a focus on small business owners. For more information about our commercial products and services or to get in touch with one of our three lenders, click here.

The United States Small Business Administration and the Nebraska Business Development Center are additional resources to help guide you down the path of becoming a small business owner.