Ralston senior fends off constant scam calls

Published: Aug. 4, 2016 at 11:00 PM CDT
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A Ralston senior citizen is spending his golden years fending off scam artists. They fooled him once, but he won't let them do it again despite relentless phone calls.

"I'm old school alright,” Patrick admits.

Believing his computer would be updated Pat unknowingly let online scam artists take it hostage.

"It was locked, you could get this far,” he said.

The scammers wanted money sent through iTunes cards, thousands of dollars’ worth

"It hurt like hell my income. My small checking account. I had to pulled some money out of my son's 401k who just passed away,” said Pat.

Pat filed a police report, but Ralston Chief Ron Murtaugh says there's not much law enforcement anywhere can do with scammers operating overseas.

"We'll continue to follow up the best we can but in the end there's little hope to get this money back,” said Murtaugh.

With Six on Your Side by his side Pat received 8 calls in a half hour.

"Is this Mike?” asked Pat.

“Yes, Mike Roger," the scammer replied.

More like Jolly Roger trying to pirate another $2,000 of Pat's money.

“Where you calling from?” asked Mike McKnight.

“I'm calling you from Nigeria, sir” he replied.

“But you just said you're in Chicago, Illinois,” Mike said.

“I'm not calling form Nigeria, sir. I'm in Chicago,” the scammer said.

“You said Nigeria which is it?” pressed McKnight.

“I didn't say that, sir,” said the scammer.

In the end Pat replies the way he wishes he had in the beginning.

"Once we get your check we'll send a check to you,” the scammer told Pat.

"Go stick it in your ear, would you,” Pat replied.

In this case the senior citizen got his computer unlocked, but it cost him thousands from his retirement fund.

If you get any call about your computer, call the Better Business Bureau at 402-391-7612.