False report of suspicious person triggers Ralston High lockdown

RALSTON, Neb. (WOWT) - A false report of someone with a gun at Ralston High School felt all too real for the students and staff Wednesday.

Ralston police tell 6 News they were able to make contact with the person who called to report seeing someone with a gun during the noon hour. The call triggered a lockdown.

As some students ran from the building and others hunkered down in barricaded classrooms — police were scanning hallways and surveillance cameras for any potential threat.

Once they met with the caller they were able to figure out there was no one with a gun but the fear was real.

6 News met with students just moments after they thought they were running for their lives.

"It was really scary because I worry about my friends that like aren’t in class with me. I worry about everyone else and for my own life,” said student Chris Rysfdorph.

Many students were texting and calling parents in fear. The lockdown lasted close to about 40 minutes. Students were let back in the building and parents were instructed to go to 84th and Park Drive.

A Ralston spokesperson told 6 News that all of the students are safe and that classes resumed shortly after the event.