Raising awareness for human trafficking and workplace violence

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The Human Resources Association of the Midlands and the Women's Fund of Omaha have come together to create a toolkit businesses and working professionals can use to put a stop to domestic violence, trafficking, stalking and harassment.

It's all about raising awareness about workplace violence and sex trafficking.

Meghan Malik is the Trafficking Project Manager at the Women's Fund of Omaha.

"It provides information about how to stay safe, it provides information about what to ask your employers for. Employers should be working with employees to keep them safe not only in the workplace, but if they're experiencing violence outside so that their workplace is a safe place to go," said Malik.

The event included keynote speaker Anna Brewer, an FBI agent and a human trafficking consultant. Brewer educated attendees on how to spot red flags when it comes to sex trafficking and how to respond to it.

For more resources and information on the subject visit the Omaha Women's Fund