RV donor helps Omaha anesthesiologist on the front lines of COVID-19

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 8:51 PM CDT
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Across the country, strangers are protecting healthcare workers by housing them away from their families to stop the spread. Some staying hotels and others in RVs.

Today an RV donor and an Omaha anesthesiologist met face-to-face after connecting online just yesterday.

"I'm in a high-risk profession being in anesthesia.”

Today, Kevin Strahm is expecting an exciting delivery ahead of some uncertainty in the weeks ahead.

He’ll be at the VA hospital in Omaha supplying anesthesia to COVID-19 patients with respiratory problems.

“I didn't know what our options were going to be. My wife isn't working because of this. I didn't know how we'd be able to afford purchasing a camper or apartment,” said Strahm.

Thanks to bonnie, a primary care clinic employee herself, Kevin will have peace of mind coming home from work.

they connected through the Facebook page "RVs for MDs" he'll be able to distance himself not too far from his wife and kids after coming into contact with coronavirus patients.

Most healthcare workers have had to stay in hotels across the country, that's if they're even open.

“In this time everybody could use someone to help them. They're going out of their way risking their lives every day,” said Bonnie.

This camper's given Bonnie and her husband Jason great memories over the years but its better served for Kevin right now.

“It's gonna be parked here. I'll still be able to launder my clothes in the house and kind of life outside for as many months this takes. This family is super generous letting me use their camper,” said Kevin.

In the past month, VA hospitals in hot spot New York City opened their doors to civilians—they usually just tend to veterans.

If Omaha’s VA hospitals see an influx of patients, Strahm and his family can sleep a little easier knowing he's not bringing coronavirus in the house.

"If there's anyone with an RV, there's plenty of healthcare workers that need one in our area,” said Kevin.

Kevin was warned the camper can't handle powering the microwave and air conditioning simultaneously, but as long as it gets the job done at the hospital… he's happy with what he has.

If you have an open RV bonnie is encouraging you to lend your camper to those who could get some use out of it.