UPDATE: Quarantined woman tests negative for coronavirus

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Today a critical test for a woman moved from Camp Ashland to a quarantine unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The woman tested negative after two tests, 24 hours apart for the disease.

Officials give an update Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, on the woman under elevated quarantine at Camp Ashland. From left: Capt. Dana Hall, deputy federal health coordinating official; Dr. Mike Wadman, co-medical director of the National Quarantine Unit; and MSN Shelley Schwedhelm, executive director of the Emergency Management & Biopreparedness at Nebraska Medicine. (WOWT)

The woman has been staying at the National Quarantine Unit since she was placed in isolation yesterday. She started showing what officials are calling mild coughing symptoms, yesterday morning.

She's one of 57 people that have been staying at Camp Ashland since last week and she will now return there, after testing negative.

All 57 people at Camp Ashland are tested twice a day. Take a look at the symptoms officials to say they are looking for when it comes to the coronavirus.

“Primarily upper respiratory symptoms, sore throat, can develop into a cough or lower respiratory tract infection or pneumonia and that's where the sicker are experiencing those types of symptoms,” said mike Wadman, with the National Quarantine Unit.