Public parks remain busy after executive order

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Many of you have noticed people have been flocking to the parks to get some fresh air, but remember an executive order is still in place.

Flanagan Lake Park's new playground emphasizes accessibility. (Photo courtesy of Omaha Parks and Recreation)

They're well aware that the rule is 10 or less, while many are following the rules, others don't seem to be too worried about spreading the virus.

This group of guys says they're tired of been cooped up so they decided to hit the courts at Dewey Park.

Dewitt Wade said, “I'm just trying to still play basketball, that’s what I’m worried about.”

The friends say they're well aware of the executive order to gather in groups of 10 or fewer, that's why there are only 8 of them.

“Living my life, I mean everybody worries about it too much I feel like,” said Wade.

But the order also says, regardless of crowd size -- stay 6- feet apart.

James Martin said, “I'm still doing the basics, washing my hands.”

James Martin says he understands the basketball could spread germs but says he's prepared after they're done playing.

“I mean I got some hand sanitizer in the car ... that's about it,” said Martin.

At the dog park next door, we asked these two women if they were aware of how many people were inside.

Sarah Goodwin said, “When we were pulling up we were like how many people are here and just making sure we keep some distance.”

The two didn't seem too worried seeing several other owners and pups.

Halee Watson said, “I feel like it's alright for right now for the time being, as long as we're staying you know that 6 feet distance ... There are not too many people in the park right now so we feel ok.”

Omaha police told us earlier if you do see too many people hanging out in a public space to report it to the mayor’s hotline.

Once it's reported they'll be held out to do a compliance check.

Again, what we saw today the crowd size was fine but there are concerns about spacing.