Promise of a non-surgical six pack raises questions for professionals

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 7:03 PM CST
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Hollywood’s Elite may have you trying every diet or spending countless hours at the gym, but one Omaha woman has discovered one of their secrets.

“I get my workout done, I’m not sweaty, I’m not gross,” said Sandy Spady.

It’s called EMSculpt, a lunch break treatment promising a non-surgical six-pack.

“It kind of tickles,” giggled Spady. “I like it though because I can relax, check emails while I’m getting my ab workout in.”

“What it’s really doing is causing skeletal muscle contractions,” said Dr. Daniel Gross, DGMD Medical.

DGMD Medical in downtown Omaha offers the technology, the lifestyle clinic is the only provider in the state of Nebraska. Gross said the machine uses electromagnetic waves to achieve the contractions.

“It provides all these benefits of fat loss with the added reciprocal benefit of some skeletal muscle tone and definition,” said Gross.

BTL Aesthetics is the company behind the technology that promises to burn fat, build muscle and sculpt the body. Each 30-minute session on EMSculpt is the equivalent of 22,000 sit-ups.

“My first reaction was whoa… let’s take a look at this,” said Dr. Kris Berg.

Berg is a Professor Emeritus at UNO in Exercise Physiology. At our request, he reviewed several studies regarding EMSculpt and the use of electromagnetic technology.

“Normally with electrodes and limited areas, you can’t introduce a real strong signal into the nerve and muscle,” said Dr. Berg. “There’s also usually a lot of pain associated with it.”

Berg said what he found surprised him.

“The fact it allowed them to get so deep in the muscle and to cover a much broader area that immediately surprised me,” said Berg. “Not only do you wind up toning and increasing hypertrophy or size of the muscle but, you also stimulate blood flow.”

Berg said that stimulation leads to a cardiovascular effect, which in turn, results in burning fat.

From what he’s seen, Dr. Berg said EMSculpt is effective and safe, but he points out the technology should not be used to compliment a workout and not replace it.

“There’s no substitute for the real thing. Pull-ups, deadlifts, squats,” said Berg. “It’s never going to replace exercise.’

EMSculpt does come at a cost, a four-pack treatment is advertised at $3000 or $750 a session.

“I mean it really is an investment in yourself,” said Spady.

An investment, Spady says that’s been worth every penny.

“I can see a difference in my abs,’ said Spady. “ have lost an inch off my waist, half an inch off my hips, my body mass has gone down. My clothes feel better I feel better. You have nothing to do lose but inches.’

Spady also said because it’s such an investment, EMSculpt is also encouraging her to make healthier choices.

“Instead of reaching for that diet Coke, I’m choosing water instead,” said Spady. “You don’t want to lose the progress you’re making.”

Gross said it only takes about a month for the results to appear.

‘We usually recommend about 4 sessions, it works out to 2 sessions a week for two weeks,” said Gross. “Then after that, I do recommend maintenance sessions.”

The treatment can also be used on other areas of the body, including gluteal muscles, arms, and thighs.

“It’s pretty much anywhere you want to sculpt, we can adapt it,” said Gross.

If you’d like to learn more about EMSculpt, DGMD is hosting an open house on March 11th from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The public is invited to try out the technology, there will be two machines available for free 30-minute sessions. A representative of BTL Aesthetics will also be in attendance.

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